In the Heart of the City

by Snaex

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Snaex is Chris Teret, Baltimore native and founder of a band called Company, and Chriss Sutherland, life-long Mainer and common spirit of Cerberus Shoal, Fire on Fire, and Olas.


released February 5, 2016

In the Heart of the City was recorded by Caleb Mulkerin during the summer of 2015. Snaex wrote all the songs except De Colores and Start Me Up. The moments of energy-capture took place at Acadia Recording Company and within an empty studio above SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine, USA. Caleb also mastered the record. Sara Crall created the album art. Peter McLaughlin was in charge of the design process. Bailey Pollack helped with the lay-out. Wing Club handled the screen-printing. Snaex wants to thank Peter, Sara, Caleb, JC Dufeu, Nat May, and Todd Hutchinson for their generosity. Finally, Snaex must express their deep appreciation to their families; their patience and support are integral.

Snaex say, "Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido."

© Pretty Purgatory, 2016


all rights reserved



Pretty Purgatory Portland, Maine

Record Label
Portland, ME, USA
est. 2014

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Track Name: Razor Blade
Oh arm in arm through the city gates
we marched as children watched us through the iron grates
And in the midday sun we broke the line
and I thought about my lady almost all the time
Her jokes and her brown eyes
And I will bring her home through the city gates

Oh the weather was nice but the day was long
we marched across the fields and sang a marching song
Like when we were kids and the sky was wide
I thought about those days and then you know I cried
We've gone so far away
And now I don't even know who the hell I am

I don't want to live by the shopping malls
in a place with no graffiti up upon the walls
But like a razor blade in a child's hand
I'm holding onto something I don't understand
and I'm blind in my own haze
But I can't take my eye off the razor blade
Track Name: Guilty
And what is the difference, really?
Between those foreign homes and our very own families.
I can’t maintain a positive vibration,
with all the negative messages that I’m consuming.
And it’s when I place my awareness on the greed of the people,
then I feel guilty.

Sometimes, if not a lot, I feel guilty for something

It’s in this space where my head hums like a robotic mechanism,
half human, half droid… separate but completely in tune
I can meet you out somewhere… I’m a demon.
The world revolves if that is the perspective you are choosing.
My wish, your will, are we assuming success?
Then I feel guilty.

To be along out at sea,
this is normality for me.
Lost but course set.
Time is a killer, reckless to the narrative.
Somethings I do give the stand a chance.
And now I’m outside myself and looking in at regret,
and I feel guilty.
Track Name: To Live in this World
I set out on the Northern road not knowing what I'd find
I figured I'd run into something somewhere down the line
but everywhere I go I'd see the same old face look back
Later in the evening when I thought about something somehow I'd lose track
It's like there's a space in the night when the light goes click clack then turns black
In the morning when you wake up there's a note and a bottle and a one way ticket back

And to live in this world is to be a sufferer
I've heard it said so many times before
To live in this world is to be a sufferer
but nobody believes it any more

I once was offered riches that I knew I couldn't spend
Living like a miser with the front door locked and my mind around the bend
Oh can't you see that I've got one chance left to live
The singer in the room with the wind blowing in and a gift he couldn't give
Oh won't you leave me one last note before you leave
I'm getting stiff like crystals in the window of the kitchen when they freeze

And to live in this world is to be a sufferer
That's no man's lie it's written in the dirt
To live in this world is to be a sufferer
You can't run away from everything that hurts

And when you called me on the phone and said the world we knew was dying
I coughed a little then I wiped my eye
'Cause I've been gone so long, I've been riding on the lion
Now I don't even have time to wonder why

Out in the country there's a candle in the window and a soup in every pot
They light a fire in the stove when it's cold and go swimming when it's hot
And I tried to drive to find it but somehow I got turned back
It was a ghost who gave me bad directions when the night was dirty and black
In every moment there's a hole you could fall in
All of a sudden you're sinking down to the hollow place within

And to live in this world is to be a sufferer
I tell the truth don't ask me how I know
To live in this world is to be a sufferer
So hold me as the moon goes soft and low
Track Name: Florida Guy
Dad why did you put yourself so far away
Making a living is more than just making money
We couldn't get together when you were alive
You were out there on that slow decline
and where was I?

But living my dream, and
this same song has done me so well
these same chords and this melody, I can go to hell
Cause I have just taken it so far
If there is any need to change
I'm still so underdeveloped

A sense of self and peace
Don't come at all easy
And I think you knew that
And it scared you, scared you

Well our salad days are gone and,
We are missing you, missing you
But death wasn't the end though
Things started coming up within me, within me

Why didn't you teach me the right and wrong
Of certain things... of sex, love, and drugs I sing
I feel so alone, come again, all you memories
And now my son lies sleeping and my daughter about to appear
And the responsibility of tradition falls to us now

We are starting over without you, without you
But you will always be on our mind and in our heart
I'm speaking to you and wondering
Where have you gone, where have you gone?
Track Name: Musta Been
Forget that last confession it was long and insincere
I know you're tired of driving but there's miles to go my dear
Miles to go, miles to go
When we hit that open road and we open up a beer

The wind was in the rushes and I thought I saw a snake
And I thought I heard you whisper musta been a big mistake
Big mistake, a big mistake
When you see something crawling and you slam down on the brakes

I thought I saw a mallard or it might have been a drake
Musta been some kind of duck though it was swimming on a lake
On a lake, on a lake
It was kicking little feet and there were minnows in the wake

Should I open up the window I'd like to smoke a cigarette
Haven't touched the things in years but I'm scrambling to forget
Oh I scramble and I ramble
When I wager on a gamble and I always lose my bets

This car is like a cavern I can't see my own hand
And I don't know where we're going, this just wasn't like I planned
Like I planned like I planned
When you're speeding down the highway like a storm across the land

We've been in this car together for about a couple days
And we lost all our direction it's like wandering through a maze
Like a maze like a maze
When you're looking out the window and a bird returns your gaze

The car flew to the the heavens and its nose pushed through a cloud
They leaned into each other and they kissed without a sound
Without a sound any sound
And when you're looking for them everywhere they'll be high above the ground
Track Name: Hidden in the Heart of the City
I was born on a conveyor belt
Watching the lists go by
(And the lips on the ships in the sky)
And they bathed me like a Roosevelt
I was the baby who never cried
(Shits out the grits and the pie)
But now I'm gone
and I'm hidden in the heart of the city that time forgot

In the evening when the sun is low
and the rats scurry to the side
(Creep and they peek with their eyes)
I'll be laying on a cardboard sign
with dried blood in my crusty eyes
(Hurt in the dirt every time)
Because I'm gone
and I'm hidden in the heart of the city that used to be

So go with daddy to the countryside
or go with mama to the sea
(Leap to the tops of the trees)
Either way you know I'm terrified
by the sunshine and the bees
(Something is not what it seems)
And so I'm gone
and I'm hidden in the heart of the city that never was

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